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Benefits of Change to Jaton LED lights
Energy Saving:
Save 34 watts (+/-5%) per hour of each 2 of 4 ft T8 lamps
Save 120KW (+/-5%) per year (12 hours per day usage)
Save 1200KW (+/-5%) in 10 years (12 hours per day usage)

Long Life Span:
Up to 50,000 hours.

Low Maintenance:
No Ballast need.
No labor for replace fluorescent lamps & ballast each 3~5 years.

No Noise & Flicking light:
No noise of AC current.
No AC 60 Hz flicker.

Environment Friendly:
RoHS, Contains no dangerous chemicals, mercury, phosphorous.
No UV light, good for health and UV sensitive industry.
Easy Disposal, No restrictions as fluorescent lamps.

Low Heat Generation:
Lower A/C electric usage. Helping reduce global warming
beings have used up more and more of the Earth's natural
resources. Many scientists point at humanity for the extinction of
countless species and global warming.

At Jaton it is our mission not only to reduce the usage of our
resources but also slow down and maybe even stop global
warming. LED lighting is one of the solutions that we can employ
to fulfill this mission. It is our generation's job to ensure that the
next generation - our children - can live in a better world, less
waste, pollution, and the threat of global warming.